Metaverse Professions — Part 3: AI Beings in the Metaverse

5 min readApr 22, 2022

Originally published at on April 22, 2022.

Welcome back to the third and final part of the Future of Metaverse Professions!

In Part 1 and Part 2 we took a look at some of the professions involved in developing the metaverse today, as well as some industries and businesses that have become early adopters for this transformative technology.

In the final part of this series we will be taking a look at how another major technological frontier converges with the metaverse to create an entire new paradigm for the future of professions. The technological frontier we are talking about is of course “Artificial Intelligence”.


Like the metaverse, AI is such a game-changing technology that’s creating incredible professional and business opportunities, it merits its own series that takes a deeper look at the current development trends and how they are affecting the future of professions.

But for now, we will be focusing on our area of expertise — AI beings in the metaverse.

Role of AI Beings

In a future where we spend more of our time in the metaverse, we envision that all types of AI will become embedded into your day-to-day life.

Some of these AI systems will start to become manifested into entities, or what we call “AI beings”. If you’ve ever played a computer game, you might be familiar with the concept of non-player characters (NPCs).

The current development trends indicate that we will see many different types and varieties of AI beings — each of them designed, built and deployed to fulfil various functions and purposes.

Some AI beings will be deployed into the metaverse as virtual assistants trained to carry out services for other human users. For example, a bank may deploy AI beings as a customer service agent or receptionist in order to provide banking services for their customers.

Other AI beings could be deployed as a personal companion trained to provide both emotional support and curated experiences to their human user. For example, our Zbee is currently trained to provide guided meditations and have interactive experiences with users.

Regardless of their role or function, it’s clear that AI beings will play a huge part in our overall metaverse experience.

AI Being Curators

All AI beings will need to be trained to provide those curated experiences or to connect with other applications to complete tasks and transactions. Accordingly, we foresee a huge demand for a new type of professional on the horizon — AI Being Curators

Like Metaverse Architects, an AI Being Curator is a diverse multidisciplinary role which involves designing, building, training, deploying, and managing AI beings in the metaverse.

Typically, some duties that an AI Being Curator would be responsible for would include:

  • Designing and creating services and experiences that can be executed by AI beings
  • Creating other character assets and IP for the AI being, such as visual and voice identities, animations and scripts
  • Training, deploying and troubleshooting AI beings over its lifetime

We are already starting to look for some of the first professional AI Being Curators. If you would like to prepare yourself for a potential career in this field, there are some skills and knowledge that you can start working on that will be helpful in your journey:

  • A fundamental understanding of training AI systems will be a strong advantage.

(Note: Whilst it would be useful to have a deep understanding of specific AI disciplines (such as natural language processing, emotion detection, etc) a wide understanding of machine learning techniques and data acquisition & management practices will be a better use of your time.)

  • Developing an in-depth expertise in any domain will be a strong advantage as it will help you design and create new services and experiences to be carried out by AI beings.
  • Some frontend developer skills will be an advantage when it comes to developing character assets and IP

Today, the process of developing and curating an AI being is largely a team endeavour, so starting with a strong background in any of the above will set you up for a career working with AI beings in the metaverse.

Transmedia Metaverse

At beingAI we are currently working on a platform that we call the “transmedia metaverse”. We believe that as the metaverse becomes a bigger presence in our day to day life, there is a growing need to build a ubiquitous experience across virtual and physical worlds.

The transmedia metaverse is a platform that enables AI beings to operate across different devices and mediums. This allows Zbee to make real world appearances through holograms or as an animated video on your screen, or even as a non-fungible token.

Our grand vision with the transmedia metaverse is to allow users to bring rich and creative AI beings like Zbee to life through our creator and developer tools and to empower the first generation of AI Being Curators.

Moreover, our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where developers and service providers can work together to design and create new experiences, skills, and microservices, while collectively sharing the value generated through their work.

Series Wrapup

Throughout this series we took a look at many different professions — from the developers creating the metaverse today, to the different industries and jobs all being radically changed by our collective adoption of this new reality.

To wrap up this series we want to leave you with this final thought: the World Wide Web was first created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. In 2022, we are still figuring out new ways to create wealth and value from this game-changing technology. Today, we are just starting to realize the potential and possibilities of the “metaverse”, and before we know it — the game is about to change once again.




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