The Future of Metaverse Professions — Part 1: Building the Metaverse


Backend Developers

  • Building code
  • Database and other server side management
  • Troubleshooting and debugging applications (or smart contracts in Web3 metaverse projects)
  • A strong proficiency in at least one (preferably two) programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, and C++ is a necessity.
  • Each programming language has its own pros and cons for different uses — for example PHP is primarily a server-side scripting language, whereas Java is a platform and programming language.
  • Python is highly recommended as a general purpose programming language that can also be used for general software development.
  • If you are looking at Web3 or blockchain metaverse projects, some experience with Solidity (for smart contract development) will be required.
  • Knowledge and experience working with backend frameworks like Express, Django and Rails is also required.

Frontend Developers

  • Designing and building user interfaces, such as websites or mobile applications
  • Building wireframes, layouts, navigation, and managing content organization
  • Developing media assets such graphics, animations, and videos
  • Currently many metaverse projects exist online as Web3 projects — strong proficiency in web development programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript is almost certainly a necessity
  • Some metaverse projects focus on building virtual game worlds that can run on desktop or AR/VR/XR devices — some experience with game development engines, such as Unity or Unreal, will give you a strong advantage
  • Experience with graphics and media editing software to create 2D/3D models, images, animations, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender, and AutoDesk is generally not a requirement, although these skills are highly desired and will give you an advantage.
  • Frontend Developers also have their own frameworks and libraries they should be familiar with, such as AngularJS and React.js

Metaverse Architects

  • Designing and creating virtual worlds within metaverse platforms
  • Expanding interoperability with other virtual ecosystems and platforms
  • Gamifying and building experiences for users
  • Experience as a Frontend Developer will most likely be required
  • Experience in game design and graphic design (in particular 3D modelling) will give you a strong advantage
  • Experience building and architecting with “open-world” platforms, such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Minecraft, and Roblox, will also give you a strong advantage

Community Managers

  • Creating, building and managing virtual communities
  • Designing and implementing community/user growth and engagement strategies
  • Acting as a bridge between developers and the community, as well as facilitating discussions
  • Experience working as an admin on social media and community building platforms, such as WordPress, Discord, Medium, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Experience creating communications and managing media assets
  • A proven track record demonstrating a keen marketing sense will be a strong advantage



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